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why pulselife?

Our heart beats for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. With Richard Heart’s PulseChain and the ecosystem that has been created, we believe a new benchmark is being set for the crypto world. As the community behind HEX, PulseX and PulseChain is by far the largest and strongest, we are proud to contribute with pulselife. The philosophy behind pulselife …

High Quality

High Quality

Our focus is on the potential of the projects. We would like to present these in a structured and clear form.



By the community – for the community. Through the earnings, we will be able to give something back to our community. This creates a WIN-WIN situation.



pulselife acts as a hub for the entire PulseChain ecosystem. Here you will find everything important about the PulseChain ecosystem.

Richard Heart projects

PulseChain is an energy efficient, cheaper, faster, fee Burnung Ethereum Fork.

PulseX is a deflationary Uniswap fork and the most liquid exchange on PulseChain.

HEX is the first high-yield Blockchain Certificate of deposit.

All about Richard Heart

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