First Decentralized Stablecoin With Fiat On/Offramp On Pulsechain

Cardix is the first self-sovereign stablecoin protocol that
embraces and visions the true decentralized form of Web3.0 on PulseChain.
Empowered by its interoperable DAO ecosystem, Cardix
empowers its user with full control over its monetary system through a multichain DEX, a decentralized Oracle and a non-reserve design for CDP using NFT.
Cardix strives to innovate as the next-generation digital
settlement currency, and prides itself on its global movement to financial self-sovereignty.

Collateral Liquidation on AMM
When a liquidation happens, liquidated collaterals are sent to the AMM pair of Collateral-USC. This is a one-sided collateral only liquidity. Therefore, the amount of USC in the AMM stays constant while only the amount of the collateral increases. This creates an arbitrage opportunity where anyone can gain from trading USC to the collateral through the AMM.