Decentralized & Self-Managed Pension Fund

Create your own pension fund using XCD; get rewarded in XCD and PLS.

Spread the word: get 5-10% paid in Pension Shares, yielding a passive income. When you stop making sales, the passive income continues!

Retire early: decide yourself when you want to retire. You get rewarded from the moment you make your first deposit. The height of rewards grows as you make more deposits.

Transfer: by giving your wallet to beloved ones, you give them access to the passive income you created!

Compound: get 15% more Pension Shares by compounding XCD rewards.

Auction: enter the 20-hour auction pool with PLS; get a chance on discounted Pension Shares.

Pzen harnesses compound interest and yield on a daily basis.

If you like passive income using Compound interest, yield and know that users will always buy and sell this Token will be of interest. Every transaction generates a 2% PIF deduction which is then evenly distributed to all token holders.

This distribution is based on the overall percentage of total ownership The PIF is sent directly to your wallet (not your Keys not your coins) There is a limited supply of 880M. There is a Burn on every transaction of 0.01%, therefore, creating a deflationary event. There is also a 0.2% applied for every transaction to a wallet that will distribute via a DAO vote.

Hyperdeflationary automatic-reflection token earns yield on-chain

PoNW is a yield-generating automatic reflection token with hyper-deflationary tokenomics. The software aims to simplify the process of passively earning, giving its holders yield in PoNW via the reflection mechanism​.

The reflections are financed by a 3% tax on all transactions that occur on-chain. 2% of each transaction is redistributed (reflected) proportionately to all token holders according to the size of their PoNW balance, while 1% of each transaction is burned, removing it from the circulating supply forever.

Theres also a dedicated burn wallet which starts out with an initial distribution of 33% of the total supply. This wallet also receives 1% of each transaction & is included in reflections, so its constantly growing in size forever. This is done in a trustless manner, as the burn wallet is programmed to be a wallet that no one has access to.

PoNW removes the broken swapandliquify function & other harmful dev/marketing/charity fees that have plagued tax tokens in the past

Mobile portfolio tracker for Pulsechain

Application to show the total value of selected wallets on the Pulsechain blockchain. No login or auth required.
Includes widgets to show current values of Hex/Pls/PlsX or your own favourite tokens.

WIZ! The PulseChain onboarding protocol on the Ethereum Network.

WIZ is a DeFi protocol which is running on the Ethereum Network. The smart contract has no owner and has unique functions that no other protocol has. The protocol is created to onboard new DeFi investors to the PulseChain Network. The added complexity that comes with DeFi can create pitfalls for investors who don’t understand the mechanisms and terminology such as staking, farming, liquidity pools and so on. Here, Hocus Pocus & WIZ come into play by taking care of staking and farming for the investor.

Holders of WIZ will earn reflections on the Ethereum Network and treasury rewards on the PulseChain Network. To have access to the rewards of the treasury on the PulseChain network, you have to configure your network with the PulseChain Chain ID settings. Holders of WIZ can use the same wallet address which they used on the Ethereum Network. Please visit the Hocus Pocus School for tutorials on how to configure your network.

HEX rewarding RFI platform – integrates the official HEX staking

While your initial HEX staking amount remains untouched, staking rewards from the official HEX contract are converted into FairHEX. On top of your regular HEX APY, the FairHEX platform is adding a Bonus APY according to our Bonus table. 

Staking rewards from profitable stakes are converted to FairHEX on DEX. That creates constant buy pressure, supporting the price floor of FairHEX

FairHEX is a reflection token built on top of HEX that rewards its holders with HEX each time a wallet sells FairHEX tokens. Half of the RFI tax is distributed to holders of FairHEX according to their holder share. The other half is feeding the Liquidity Pool.

HEX stakers can expect the following
HEX APR + Bonus + free extra HEX from RFI

The Liquidity Pool is permanently locked.

PBAGZ is a collection of 5,555 handmade luxury Pulse Bagz.

Our goal is to highlight many of the upcoming projects launching in the Richard Heart ecosystem. Many of us lust over the Designer handbags he has Acquired with his unparalleled success in his serial entrepreneurship. Many of us can not afford nor come to terms with the idea of budgeting for such illustrious accessories. One thing Richard has taught us to NEVER overpay for ridiculous luxury items or NFT’s, so PBAGZ is going to make them available for everyone on PulseChain.

An NFT collection featuring 5555 unique images of Richard Heart

The Your Keys Your Crypto NFT collection is comprised of 5555 unique digital artworks tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection features revolutionary cryptocurrency founder Richard Heart, who is 1 of the most notable advocates for the self-custody of crypto assets & the elimination of middlemen/counter-party risk.

This collection aims to spread awareness of Richard, his projects & his teachings about self-custody. Mint a $YKYC NFT now & use its image as your profile picture on social media to help spread awareness of the project.

Community-owned NFT market place with a 10,000x native token

From community, for community

Hpx is a marketplace for NFT trading based on the Pulse Chain network. Make profits by owning $Hpx as one of our company’s shareholders .

The usefulness of Hpx for Pulsechain

By making Pulsechain, PulseX and pHex a pay-per-listing method (which no other pulse nft marketplace has done).

We are increasing their prices exponentially.

Imagine this, if someone wants to buy an NFT listed by pHex, Pls, PlsX, they will be forced to trade them or buy them, in order to pay for their favorite NFTs. And above all, there will be more than 20,000,000 NFTs available on Hpx! That’s almost x100 more than all p-erc-20 available on PulseChain!

M2M69 High Yield Staking token and NFT collection.

Using Web3 We are currently building the UI for the remaining M2M Staking tokens that will be minted.

On launch your M2M will also be tradable on the ERC20 blockchain with a 1:1 Copy expected to Pulse Chain. 

At the moment you can get a M2M Staking token allocation by sacrificing to the pre launch of the 

PULSE & SPACE DOGE ARMY NFTs are waiting for deployment to help bring life and colour back in the fight against BOTS!

*”Alongside 10000 Handrawn SpaceDoge and PulseDoge Army NFTS we will have a super exclusive 1:1 Richard Heart and a super exclusive Elon Musk 1:1 

All NFT holders staking can earn PLSU through staking on the Pulse Unity platform and we are also intending further PLSU and M2M CHART BUY BACKS to maintain stability pressure!

1st NFT Whitelist reveal will take place on NEW YEARS EVE 2022/23 Weather permitting.