The first certificate of deposit token aligned with the seasons

Equinox is an ecosystem based around the EQNOX token, with a new project launching soon.
EQNOX is a certificate of deposit with dynamic interest rates and penalties based on the season we’re at (It’s summer so it has a daily interest of 1.1% and around 5% unstaking penalty. EQNOX also makes the stakes you make truly yours. You can split or merge stakes and even send one to a friend! There’s also a DEX where you can sell or buy stakes. There are no admin keys and the devs are anonymous.
We are scheduled to launch on PulseChain without any sacrifice! All you need to do is buy EQNOX on BSC, stake it and you’ll be able to claim an airdrop when we launch our PulseChain contracts. 

Telegram is the main source of communication. Devs usually respond in a few hours to any questions you have, and take into consideration any feedback users have to improve the ecosystem.