HEX rewarding RFI platform – integrates the official HEX staking

While your initial HEX staking amount remains untouched, staking rewards from the official HEX contract are converted into FairHEX. On top of your regular HEX APY, the FairHEX platform is adding a Bonus APY according to our Bonus table. 

Staking rewards from profitable stakes are converted to FairHEX on DEX. That creates constant buy pressure, supporting the price floor of FairHEX

FairHEX is a reflection token built on top of HEX that rewards its holders with HEX each time a wallet sells FairHEX tokens. Half of the RFI tax is distributed to holders of FairHEX according to their holder share. The other half is feeding the Liquidity Pool.

HEX stakers can expect the following
HEX APR + Bonus + free extra HEX from RFI

The Liquidity Pool is permanently locked.