Genius is like a banking Certificate of Deposit, except it is on the blockchain, in the full control of the end user, and artificial intelligence (A.I.) influences its reward structure.

Genius is, furthermore, immune to human corruption and biased bureaucracy. Genius is the first hyper-yield A.I. blockchain Certificate of Deposit that aspires to appreciate. Genius will be used by end users to generate passive income. 

Functionally, and “under the hood” of the software engine, Genius is an Ethereum- and PulseChain-based smart contract that is immutable, which means that the code cannot be changed. Genius has no admin key, meaning that it cannot be exploited by any human or privileged access. Furthermore, it has no “developer coins” and the users cannot be “rug pulled”. These are marketing-specific industry terms that mean value cannot be stolen from end users of the Genius Smart Financial Contract.

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