Community-owned NFT market place with a 10,000x native token

From community, for community

Hpx is a marketplace for NFT trading based on the Pulse Chain network. Make profits by owning $Hpx as one of our company’s shareholders .

The usefulness of Hpx for Pulsechain

By making Pulsechain, PulseX and pHex a pay-per-listing method (which no other pulse nft marketplace has done).

We are increasing their prices exponentially.

Imagine this, if someone wants to buy an NFT listed by pHex, Pls, PlsX, they will be forced to trade them or buy them, in order to pay for their favorite NFTs. And above all, there will be more than 20,000,000 NFTs available on Hpx! That’s almost x100 more than all p-erc-20 available on PulseChain!