Khaos is the first AMM & DEX on Pulsechain

Khaos Verse will begin as a decentralised swap platform on the Pulse Chain Network with several functions in mind:

  • Khaos Token
  • Khaos Swap
  • Liquidity Pairing
  • Bridge between ERC-20 and PRC-20 

Pulse and Pulse Network are clearly going to be integral to the next generation of crypto-commerce. We plan to position ourselves as ready to trade as soon as Pulse Network goes live in order to take advantage of this new source of traffic and finance.

The team at Khaos have been at the centre of the alternative token movement, building and solidifying working relationships while developing experience marketing up and coming projects in the field. We are
perfectly positioned to establish a crypto service that will not only provide financial rewards to its early backers but will also find itself at the centre of a newly developing market, providing opportunity for those who are so inclined.