M2M69 High Yield Staking token and NFT collection.

Using Web3 We are currently building the UI for the remaining M2M Staking tokens that will be minted.

On launch your M2M will also be tradable on the ERC20 blockchain with a 1:1 Copy expected to Pulse Chain. 

At the moment you can get a M2M Staking token allocation by sacrificing to the pre launch of the 

PULSE & SPACE DOGE ARMY NFTs are waiting for deployment to help bring life and colour back in the fight against BOTS!

*”Alongside 10000 Handrawn SpaceDoge and PulseDoge Army NFTS we will have a super exclusive 1:1 Richard Heart and a super exclusive Elon Musk 1:1 

All NFT holders staking can earn PLSU through staking on the Pulse Unity platform and we are also intending further PLSU and M2M CHART BUY BACKS to maintain stability pressure!

1st NFT Whitelist reveal will take place on NEW YEARS EVE 2022/23 Weather permitting.