Proof of No Work

Hyperdeflationary automatic-reflection token earns yield on-chain

PoNW is a yield-generating automatic reflection token with hyper-deflationary tokenomics. The software aims to simplify the process of passively earning, giving its holders yield in PoNW via the reflection mechanism​.

The reflections are financed by a 3% tax on all transactions that occur on-chain. 2% of each transaction is redistributed (reflected) proportionately to all token holders according to the size of their PoNW balance, while 1% of each transaction is burned, removing it from the circulating supply forever.

Theres also a dedicated burn wallet which starts out with an initial distribution of 33% of the total supply. This wallet also receives 1% of each transaction & is included in reflections, so its constantly growing in size forever. This is done in a trustless manner, as the burn wallet is programmed to be a wallet that no one has access to.

PoNW removes the broken swapandliquify function & other harmful dev/marketing/charity fees that have plagued tax tokens in the past