Hyper deflationary token with auto liquidity, auto staking, burn.

A community led ecosystem on the PulseChain Network. Pulselorian is the strongest Guild throughout the cryptonian galaxies. The Pulselorian creed is: “Loyalty to the guild is life, without loyalty, one has no purpose. We are stronger together.”

BSRK is fixed supply, hyper deflationary token with features such as auto liquidity, auto staking, burn, sacrificers’ payday, net buyers’ payday, and fee discount mechanism when the token is acquired through its pair token LBSKR (light BSKR).

LBSKR is a stakable token for generating yield and discount when acquiring BSKR, the longer you lock your coins the higher the interest. LBSKR also interact with Pulselorian NFTs for bonus yield.