uP Token

Tied to the price performance of PLS but with its own BUY & BURN!

The uP Token will be tied to the price performance of PulseChain but made sweeter with its own BUY and BURN! It’s made for the “little guy” like you and me and so far has had by far the fairest sac distribution. 

uP Token will be immutable, non-custodial, no admin keys, governance-free and with a max supply of 21 million. 

By leveraging Liquid Loans borrowing mechanics and utilizing safe collateral of the “Haunted Strategy” (hauntedstrategy.com for more info), part of the yield generated from the pool’s success is used to buy and burn the token itself. The uP token will theoretically follow the price appreciation of PLS but have exponential growth as its supply will be significantly reduced as long as PLS performs well. 

There are measures in place to accommodate the liquidity of the token as well as downturns in PLS price.