WIZ Protocol

WIZ! The PulseChain onboarding protocol on the Ethereum Network.

WIZ is a DeFi protocol which is running on the Ethereum Network. The smart contract has no owner and has unique functions that no other protocol has. The protocol is created to onboard new DeFi investors to the PulseChain Network. The added complexity that comes with DeFi can create pitfalls for investors who don’t understand the mechanisms and terminology such as staking, farming, liquidity pools and so on. Here, Hocus Pocus & WIZ come into play by taking care of staking and farming for the investor.

Holders of WIZ will earn reflections on the Ethereum Network and treasury rewards on the PulseChain Network. To have access to the rewards of the treasury on the PulseChain network, you have to configure your network with the PulseChain Chain ID settings. Holders of WIZ can use the same wallet address which they used on the Ethereum Network. Please visit the Hocus Pocus School for tutorials on how to configure your network.